Grey water recycling systems

For the user, the intelligent system works in exactly the same way as a standard toilet. Greywater from the bath and shower is collected in the cleaning tank where a skimmer removes surface debris such as foam, hairs and soap. Heavier waste particles sink to the bottom and are flushed away to waste. The remaining 'clean' greywater is then transferred to a storage tank ready for use in toilet flushing. The storage capacity of the system is 100 litres sufficient for approximately 20 flushes.

Intelligent operation:
• If the toilets are not flushed within 24 hours after a period of regular use,
(e.g. when the house is empty) the system purges any retained water to waste.

• This also cleans the system and prevents retained water becoming stale.

• The system then draws in a minimal amount of fresh mains water to allow toilet flushing.

• A power failure causes all stored water to be drained off immediately

• Occasional operating noise levels from some systems are lower than the sound of a normal toilet flushing*, therefore existing building legislation is sufficient to provide the required levels of sound insulation.

What are the key benefits?
Up to 30% reduction in water consumption (reduces water bills without changing the user's behaviour).

• Easy to install and maintenance free.

• Removes need for complex water treatment.

CLK is proud to offer nationwide installation and assistance in all aspects of grey water recycling.

An example of a typical grey water recycling system