All heating systems are designed and installed by gas safe fitters with energy saving at the forefront.

The SEDBUK energy rating system was developed under the Government's Energy Efficiency Best Practice Programme with the cooperation of boiler manufacturers, and provides a basis for fair comparison of the energy performance of different boilers.

SEDBUK is the average annual efficiency achieved in typical domestic conditions, making reasonable assumptions about pattern of usage, climate, control, and other influences. It is calculated from the results of standard laboratory tests together with other important factors such as boiler type, ignition arrangement, internal store size, fuel used, and knowledge of the UK climate and typical domestic usage patterns.

How a Combi boiler works:
This is the bestselling boiler type for gas central heating in Britain. A 'combi' provides heat for your radiators and domestic hot water on demand. The name comes from the fact it combines all the functions of a traditional boiler, hot water cylinder and cold water tank setup. All the major parts are in one unit, which makes them convenient to install.

How a system / heat only boiler works:

Heat-only boilers provide heat for radiators directly, but they need to be connected to a separate hot water storage system including a hot water cylinder, cold water cistern and, in some cases, an additional expansion cistern. These arrangements take up more space than a combi system, but are able to provide hot water to several sources at once and are more suitable for larger houses.

For both systems, CLK offers a design and installation service, all our engineers are Gas Safe registered.

CLK also offers design and installation for underfloor heating.

Underfloor heating provides a comfortable, highly efficient type of heating, it can offer significant benefits over traditional central heating systems and is becoming increasingly popular in both domestic and commercial applications. CLK offers a fully developed, purpose designed underfloor heating room pack ideally suited to small projects, such as conservatories bathrooms and small extensions up to 40sq m. alternatively we also offer a commercial package for larger dwellings and retail units.

Benefits: The major benefit of an Underfloor heating system to the end user is the comfort level provided by this form of heating. A typical underfloor heating system utilises low temperature hot water, typically 40-55°C unlike flow temperatures of 80°C from traditional heating systems such as radiator systems. The warm water is circulated through pipe circuits providing an even heat distribution across the whole installed area. This warms the floor to a maximum surface temperature of 29°C in normally occupied areas with a room temperature of 20°C and 23°C in bathrooms with a floor temperature of 24°C. Comfort conditions are therefore achieved with an air temperature 2°C below what would normally be anticipated with general forms of heating.

The only type of heating which delivers this is underfloor heating. As a consequence, energy costs are significantly reduced, typically in domestic applications by in excess of 20% and in larger buildings such as factories and warehouses, savings of up to 50% are not unusual*.

• Removing the need for radiators maximises usable room space
• Energy efficient 'invisible warmth
• Uniform heat and level of comfort
• Compliments the operation of condensing boilers
• Safe for children, the elderly and less able - no exposed hot surfaces
• Low allergy - convected airborne dust levels are reduced
• Silent running
• Ideal for high ceilings

Floor types: Underfloor heating can be used on any of the typical floor constructions commonly used in the UK, although the configuration of the system may vary. The three most common types of construction are:

Solid Screed Floor: maximum heat output is normally 100W/m²

Timber/intermediate Floor/Joisted/Suspended: maximum heat output is normally 70W/m²

Floating Floor: maximum heat output is normally 70W/m²

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