Unvented hot water storage systems.

We provide a full design and installation service in hot water storage systems, from under/over sink heaters, open vented systems and unvented hot water storage systems to cater for all larger projects.

When an unvented hot water system is installed both the hot and the cold water supplies within the dwelling, deliver water at the taps or shower outlet at mains water pressure. Cold water from the mains is delivered to the base of the cylinder, the water is heated, then when a tap or shower is turned on the mains water pressure pushes the hot water out.

To allow the water that is heated in the cylinder to expand as it is heated, an internal or external expansion vessel is used; a pressure relief valve is also fitted should the vessel fail.

An unvented hot water storage cylinder can be heated directly via an immersion heater or indirectly by most heating systems providing it is not a solid fuel burning appliance They are ideal where high performance is required or in multi story properties where it would be difficult to gain the necessary head of water via a cold water storage tank to feed taps on the upper floors.

Typical Unvented Hot Water Storage System

Open vented hot water systems
With open vented systems a large volume of cold water is stored in a header tank located at a higher level than the cylinder usually in the attic. The water storage cylinder usually located in the airing cupboard is fed at the base of the cylinder by the header tank. Water pressure and flow within the system is driven by gravity, i.e. the weight of stored water in the header tank is usually sufficient to push water down the pipe that feeds the water storage cylinder and back up to any tap or shower outlet, providing it is lower than the stored water level.

When the water is heated it rises to the top of the cylinder where it can be drawn off through the hot water supply pipes and tap or shower outlets, the water is automatically replaced in the cylinder via the header tank.

Heating causes the water within the cylinder to expand, a vent pipe allows a safe route for excess pressure, air bubbles and steam should the system overheat, it runs from the top of the cylinder back up to the cold water storage header tank where its open vent is located just above the water level.

Under sink/over sink hot water heaters
Under Sink Water Heater

Under sink water heaters up to a capacity of 15ltrs are ideally suited to installations where only a small amount of hot water is required at any given interval. These can range from single retail units and shops where no heat is required but some hot water supply is needed.

Hydroboil systems
Energy efficient appliances that deliver instant boiling water and chilled filtered water for great tasting, healthy drinks

Save energy and money - Independent tests have shown that a Hydroboil system is over three times more energy efficient than urns and uses less energy than kettles. Replace kettles and urns in the workplace with instant boiling water systems and you will start saving on energy bills straight away.